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Telemarketing and Lead Generation for Business Brokers, Advisors, Consultants and  Intermediaries

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Telemarketing and Lead Generation for Business Brokers, Advisors, Consultants and  IntermediariesThis service a lead generation program focused around generated potential seller leads for business brokers, advisors and intermediaries.  You have complete control over the marketing efforts with scripts editted to your specifications and approval, a calling list based around your calling criteria and this program starts at just $89.95 per month.  Included, we make additional attempts to retrieve the email address of the business owner from gatekeepers, if previous attempts at contact the actual business owner prove unsuccessful.

Its not secret one of most disregarded task amongst business brokers is cold calling, prospecting for potential business seller leads.  The impact creates a disadvantage not only for the broker, but for the office they work for as well.  

In addition, the cost of a brokers important time prospecting for business sellers can lead to a substancial loss of revenue. A business brokers time is always best spent working with current clients, not prospecting for new ones.

BizLeadsToday is designed for the business broker as a source of business seller leads at an affordable cost.  View the price guide below to begin assessing which option works best for your brokerage.

Types of leads and contacts generated include:

  • In-Person Appointments:  Setting face-to-face appointments with potential business selling prospects at a specific time and date.  These types of appointments can be set at the place of business, at your office or at a neutral location.  Business owners are most hesitant with this option because of lack of knowledge of the brokerage and/or the process.
  • Phone Appointments:  Setting phone appointments with potential business selling prospects at a specific time and date, with an emphasis on retrieiving a direct-line contact and/or cell phone to limit your need to work through gatekeepers.  The average of potential sellers generated which have committed to a phone appointment to around 35%.
  • Send Info Leads:  In the event a set appointment cannot be generated, we will make the attempt to ask if they would be interested in receiving information about selling. Send info leads are the most common lead generated and receive the most comments amongst our clients.  To solidify the quality of these potential business sellers, we default to business owners who express an interest in selling within 12 months.  From what we have been able to identify between our callers and our clients comments, is there are multiple reasons a business owner agrees to information instead of an appointment at first.  These reasons include; they are interested in learning more before a commitment, they want to see who the broker is before committing to anything further, they are hurried or have customers or employees in the vicinity; and there are definitely business owners looking to get off the phone.  This is just our experience.  After all, we call a business owner and without preparation they are asked if there is any interest in selling their business.  Its a tough decision and one to be made on the fly.  
  • Email Contacts:  Emails are becoming to new gold standard in contact marketing.  We can make 1,000s of dials, generate a good number of business leads, however we will not make any more than three attempts at calling the same business for a client within a 12 month period.  The reason for this is because productivity decreases significantly after the third pass through a list.  What our callers do is make attempts to retrieve an email address from the gatekeeper.  There would be no other way to get ahold of this business owner in the near future, except now you can contact them via email.  Our experience shows this process has become rather successful.

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